Neighborhood Improvements

Townhouses in CDS Alpine Meadow

Townhouses in CDS Alpine Meadow

Popped into SL long enough to pay my rent on my gorgeous mountain retreat and noticed that there have been some improvements on my street. The big block of apartments across the street have been replaced by these charming townhouses. One of the great things about SL–neighborhood improvements without the dust, debris, and noise!


Now for the news–ME!

I managed to clear out some time to do some hunting in Second Life. It’s Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt time!

While I haven’t had time to put together outfits and photos yet, I did find myself on television at one of the stops! (Okay, so I know it’s one of those profile pic showing scripts, but I got a kick out of it!)


Ostara Hunt, first outfit

Quick post tonight. While doing the Happy Easter Day Hunt the other night, I stumbled upon a prize from the Ostara hunt at Vamp. This flouncy little yellow number was inside.

Ostara hunt outfit 1 collage

Hair: Soul! Birds Hair in brown. Jewelry: Beloved Nola set (from the Peace on Earth hunt this past year). Dress: Vamp! Easter Egg Yellow dress from the Ostara hunt. Shoes: Lovely Diane pumps in white (freebie from Free Dove).

First post from the Happy Easter Day Hunt

Finally! I’m back on the hunt trail!

I had hoped to get started this weekend but after accidentally deleting my house in Alpine Meadow (AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!), it took hours but I finally rebuilt the springtime version and put in my own photo studio (Yay!).

Tonight, I started on the Happy Easter Day Hunt. I’m still unpacking the loot but below is the first outfit I put together–a cute cropped top and earrings set from Ayva’s Attic

HEDH outfit 1 collage

Hair: Lucie in Hazelnut from MPP (Free Dove freebie). Skin, Eyes, Shape: Carla starter avatar (from the SL library files). Carly cropped shirt in Happy Easter and Happy Easter earrings from Ayva’s Attic for HEDH 2016. Jeans: OMG! Inc jeans (from an earlier hunt). Shoes: ER Bunny Slippers (from an earlier hunt).

More outfits to come but, in the meantime, I couldn’t resist doing a “nuclear” take on my photo shoot!

Easter in Infrared

Casual Easter in Infrared


Finally a Resident

Today, I took the plunge and officially became a “real” Second Life resident, meaning I actually now have a place I can call my own.

After shopping around a bit, I noticed that I kept coming back to the “CDS” (which stands for the Confederation of Democratic Sims). I found a parcel in Alpine Meadows with a bit of encouragement from some of the locals, Lilith Ivory and Hannah Bloodwolf. The views are amazing and I have a rolling mountain stream that flows right next to my balcony!

I’m still shopping for a photo studio that will fit upstairs but so far, virtual home owning is brilliant! (If only my real world home was this nice!)

Hunter's Lodge as seen from the stream

Hunter’s Lodge as seen from the stream


View from the porch

View from the porch


Relaxing after moving in

Relaxing after moving in

Long time no post

I had been trying to post something almost daily but I had a bit of downtime due to our internet being knocked out. New equipment and cables run and I’m back in business!

But I had a lesson on how temporary things in the virtual world can be. I logged into night to my home spot and did not recognize it. For my first week, I’d spent a lot of time at Black Tonic while working on my photos I’d taken and working up posts. Tonight, I discovered furniture moved in to the room that is used as the home point and that room surrounded by “NO ACCESS” red bands. I now know these are called “banlines.”

I have no idea what I may have done to be put under “house arrest” at my home point. I have not been removed from the group and there were no messages waiting on me. I’ve sent a message to the owner to try to get things worked out–hopefully it’s simply a misunderstanding or a mistake.

Until then, I found a quiet spot at the seaport at Blake Diego and I’m hanging out by the fireplace, trying to figure out where else I might call home.


Dreaming up a new plan at Diego

Update: The issue at Black Tonic was indeed a mistake and has been fixed. Yay! I’d become quite connected to the place in a very short amount of time. Any time I started to feel overwhelmed with SL or needed to work on posts/pictures, I could easily head “home” and feel comfortable. I am beginning to understand how people who have had virtual places for years must feel when they have to give them up. It’s an odd sensation (because I tell myself that it isn’t “real” so I shouldn’t get upset) but there it is. Thankfully, though, I still have a (virtual) home. ­čÖé