The April Hunt and Other Loot

Yay! I finally was able to get to do more hunting tonight! (I did have to break my own rule, however–my inventory is not yet perfectly organized. It probably will never be.)

I knocked out the first hunt of April on my list–aptly named The April Hunt, sponsored by Nefeli’s Gestures. There are 20 stops in all and the prize pics can be found on the website (which I think is cool because I headdesk repeatedly when I hunt for something for an hour only to find that I can’t use the prize). If you’re looking to add another touch of spring (even when the real life weather outside isn’t cooperating), spend a few hours on the hunt trail. You’ll find some cute stuff. 🙂


April Hunt Photo 1

It’s an April Invasion! Squirrels, bucks, birds, and fairies are all overrunning my little Alpine Meadow yard! What’s a girl to do???  (Maybe they can magically clean my inventory–or at least blink up some new shoes!)

The dress is a hunt prize from Kat’s Clothing Boutique. The shoes–I cheated–they’re the Bollywood slippers from the SL default library, slightly tinted. The fairy log display is Dreamscape Wedding Design‘s hunt gift (cute, huh??).  And, as for the critters at the fenceline–I picked this one up from Simply Shelby as part of the 35L Sunday this week–better hurry if you want one at that price!


That’s all from me for now–photos of the lovelies from this spring’s Twisted Hunt coming shortly. The theme this spring was AWESOME–Atlantis!!!!–and I’m still gleeful over my first survivor tag and trophy. 😀



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