Love/Hate with Flickr

Oh Yahoo, why doest thou hate me so???

Of course, I can’t blame it all on Yahoo. I’ve been AWOL from posting for long enough, I’d forgotten my password to my Flickr account.

Tried to log in yesterday and NOPE!–No Flickr for you! So I try to request a new password–“we can’t seem to find this email”.  Ooooohkaaaay. Tried several more potential passwords. Newp. Nada. Sigh and try to sign up for a new account–“This email is already connected to an account.” ARRRRGH! (Dear Yahoo, if you really hate my virtual photography, just tell me–you don’t have to prep me for a rubber room!)

After several moments of glaring menacingly at the screen, I finally used an alternate email to sign up for a spanking new Flickr account–and felt rather smug about dumping all of my old virtual fashion photos that I could lay hands on into the uploader. Take THAT! (Unfortunately, now they’re not organized but give me the small victory, eh?)

The new photostream is here — as I find more of the old stuff, I’ll add it, plus the new stuff.


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