Bad Bloggess–Bad, Bad Bloggess!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted!

I finally got back involved in SL a few weeks ago, just in time to see the CDS display for the SL Big Birthday Bash. It was fun because I actually got to participate! They’d asked for pictures of the residents to make life-sized (avatar life-sized, that is) cutouts to make the display look like it was not only inhabited but rockin’ up in those Alpine villages! 😀

I was really honored that they used both of mine–one in a lederhosen minidress, complete with steins and pretzels and one with a full carnivale get-up. I had a blast taking the photos and was proud to have been included.

Oktoberfest shot cropped

Oktoberfest costume for SLB 2017

mardi gras shot_cropped

Carnivale costume for SLB 2017

I haven’t taken the time to do much more inworld photography for a long time. I did just finish two hunts–the Hard Catch hunt  and the Little Shop of Horrors hunt. I was just about to go head-first into the Lovefest hunt (last day is today!) but decided to stop for a few moments and write. (Since I finally remembered my blog password! Am I a bad bloggess or what???)

Muah dahlinks ’til next time (which I hope won’t be too long)!


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