Long time no post

I had been trying to post something almost daily but I had a bit of downtime due to our internet being knocked out. New equipment and cables run and I’m back in business!

But I had a lesson on how temporary things in the virtual world can be. I logged into night to my home spot and did not recognize it. For my first week, I’d spent a lot of time at Black Tonic while working on my photos I’d taken and working up posts. Tonight, I discovered furniture moved in to the room that is used as the home point and that room surrounded by “NO ACCESS” red bands. I now know these are called “banlines.”

I have no idea what I may have done to be put under “house arrest” at my home point. I have not been removed from the group and there were no messages waiting on me. I’ve sent a message to the owner to try to get things worked out–hopefully it’s simply a misunderstanding or a mistake.

Until then, I found a quiet spot at the seaport at Blake Diego and I’m hanging out by the fireplace, trying to figure out where else I might call home.


Dreaming up a new plan at Diego

Update: The issue at Black Tonic was indeed a mistake and has been fixed. Yay! I’d become quite connected to the place in a very short amount of time. Any time I started to feel overwhelmed with SL or needed to work on posts/pictures, I could easily head “home” and feel comfortable. I am beginning to understand how people who have had virtual places for years must feel when they have to give them up. It’s an odd sensation (because I tell myself that it isn’t “real” so I shouldn’t get upset) but there it is. Thankfully, though, I still have a (virtual) home. 🙂


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