One more hunt down, another one coming up!

No pics yet from the Who’s Who 2 Hunt. I wanted to get back out on the trail, looking for loot. And I found it!

Tonight, I wrapped up the Snow Playtime Hunt. A couple of the places stumped me so I may double back later. Next up, I want to use my super snooper for the Mars Meets Venus on Earth Hunt. I’m discovering that some hunts are only for those with mesh bodies and body parts, which I’m not ready for, so I’ll have to sit those out for now.

Not that I’m complaining. I have a backlog of things to set up photos for as it is!

How much fun is having a virtual life? People give me stuff that I can dress up with or decorate with and I get to play model/interior decorator/photographer! Weeee!

Okay, so I’ve had enough coffee for the night. ♥


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