Final grouping of stuff from the Peace on Earth 8 Hunt (I think)

Well, I’d hoped to be working on photos from the Who’s Who 2 Hunt or Free Dove hunts haul or gathering loot from the Snow Playtime Hunt. But SL had other plans. I got stuck at my home point (currently Black Tonic) without the ability to put on pants. So change of plans–here’s the last of the shots of what I gathered from the Peace on Earth 8 hunt (unless I find something else hiding in inventory that’s awesome).


112016Outfit7 collage

Posh Pixels Peace Gown with golden wings, DbS peace earrings and necklace, and Inkheart Hope eyes in Celestial, all from POE8


112016Outfit8 collage

SD Hope Gown and scarf for POE8


112016Outfit9 collage

Unique Boutique Tangled gown with Sonatta Morales *8* Emerald Deco Ring and Necklace from POE8


112016Outfit10 collage

X Elegant Strapless Dress with White Widow Creed collar tattoo and Zuri Jewelry Peace on Earth 2015 bracelet



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