Loot from the Peace on Earth Hunt 8

My first hunt in Second Life was a doozy. Made off with some gorgeous outfits. These are only the first few.


BYRNE Angel gown for POE8 collage

BYRNE Angel Dress for POE8


ALB Christmas Angel gown for POE8 collage

AALB Christmas Angel Gown for POE8


Shushu Never Again minidress in beige for POE8 collage

ShuShu Never Again Minidress in Beige with Hat, Steampunk Mask, and Rose Boots for POE8


Always Design She Cutout Gown for POE8 collage

Always Designs She Cutout Dress with Chic Black Rose Veil, Lal Earrings, and Silvana Heels for POE8


I also found a gift box from the Linden Moles with mittens, a hat, and scarf that goes perfect with my standard sweater and jeans. And it came with a color changer to match them to other outfits!


Where's the Snow?

Where’s the Snow?


The above pictures were all made at The Free Dove freebie store. I love that place! I stopped in to partake of quality freebies and discovered they had not one, not two, but FOUR hunts going on! Plus a changing room, plus a couple of photo studios. Talk about heaven!

I finished up the night at my home point, the Black Tonic building. After wandering around for a bit, I discovered the garden area. Pretty flowers and lovely chime sounds floating through the air. This hunter is in bliss!  😀


At home in the garden at Black Tonic

The Garden Area at Black Tonic

Lots more stuff from this hunt to come–there’s so much gorgeousness, it’s taking me a while to put the outfits together and figure out where to take photos (without hogging a studio for too long).


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