The April Hunt and Other Loot

Yay! I finally was able to get to do more hunting tonight! (I did have to break my own rule, however–my inventory is not yet perfectly organized. It probably will never be.)

I knocked out the first hunt of April on my list–aptly named The April Hunt, sponsored by Nefeli’s Gestures. There are 20 stops in all and the prize pics can be found on the website (which I think is cool because I headdesk repeatedly when I hunt for something for an hour only to find that I can’t use the prize). If you’re looking to add another touch of spring (even when the real life weather outside isn’t cooperating), spend a few hours on the hunt trail. You’ll find some cute stuff. 🙂


April Hunt Photo 1

It’s an April Invasion! Squirrels, bucks, birds, and fairies are all overrunning my little Alpine Meadow yard! What’s a girl to do???  (Maybe they can magically clean my inventory–or at least blink up some new shoes!)

The dress is a hunt prize from Kat’s Clothing Boutique. The shoes–I cheated–they’re the Bollywood slippers from the SL default library, slightly tinted. The fairy log display is Dreamscape Wedding Design‘s hunt gift (cute, huh??).  And, as for the critters at the fenceline–I picked this one up from Simply Shelby as part of the 35L Sunday this week–better hurry if you want one at that price!


That’s all from me for now–photos of the lovelies from this spring’s Twisted Hunt coming shortly. The theme this spring was AWESOME–Atlantis!!!!–and I’m still gleeful over my first survivor tag and trophy. 😀


At home in Alpine Meadow

Yes, I’ve been bad at blogging again.

I managed to “swarm” the hunts in February and March–gleefully earned my survivor tag for the Twisted Hunt’s 10th anniversary spring event (photos to come, hopefully)!

Needless to say, my inventory runneth over. I’ve been focusing on organizing before setting up any photo shoots. But today, I took a bit of time to look out of my little cabin at the spring countryside around the CDS sims. Is it any wonder I love calling this place home???


Overlooking Colonia Nova and Locus Amoenus.


The brook next to my cabin.


My little cabin in springtime.

New Year’s Eve in Caledon

I took a break from trying to hit the final 80 or so stops for this year’s Peace on Earth hunt (really–the thing was MASSIVE this year!!!) and dropped in to the Caledon Oxbridge University’s New Year’s Eve bash.

Hosted by Miss Andrea Jones with music by DJ Kate, the dance was in a gorgeous venue–a giant winter pavilion in the shadow of Caledon’s flying city. I managed to snap a few photos, but alas, none of the huge fireworks display did them justice.

SL’s Technical Woes Put a Halt to my Latest Hunting Binge

Anyone else glaring at their computer in the past hour and yelling “LET ME IN, DAMMIT!!!”???

Okay, okay–so I probably should take a break.

But I’ve been so excited to be back in-world that I’ve been on a total hunt binge of late–I still haven’t even opened all of the gifties!

Hunts done (though I may have some “skip for now” locations to head back to once they’re set)-

I’m working my way through the Twisted Hunt which is insanely challenging.

Tried to log in but was denied. And silly me, I thought that it was because I’d broken my viewer from all the hopping around!

But no–I finally wised up and checked Second Life status, only to be greeted with:

SL somebody fd up

That was an hour ago and it’s still not (apparently) fixed.

Time to reach for the fudge core Ben & Jerry’s and fire up Netflix, I suppose–doesn’t look like there’ll be any SL hunting fun tonight. 😦

September Hunts are Here!

OMG, I’m still trying to wrap up the hunts that run from late August into early September but, ta-da, the September Hunts have now been announced!

September Hunts & Events are Here

Some of the goodies are absolutely delicious!

Probably no way to complete everything and get pics, so I think I’ll pick out my faves and photo those–after I invest in a new photo studio (oh sheesh, more shopping–I think I’m going to have to invest in some comfy shoes while I’m at it!).

Off to the quest, er, hunt! See you on the trail!



Love/Hate with Flickr

Oh Yahoo, why doest thou hate me so???

Of course, I can’t blame it all on Yahoo. I’ve been AWOL from posting for long enough, I’d forgotten my password to my Flickr account.

Tried to log in yesterday and NOPE!–No Flickr for you! So I try to request a new password–“we can’t seem to find this email”.  Ooooohkaaaay. Tried several more potential passwords. Newp. Nada. Sigh and try to sign up for a new account–“This email is already connected to an account.” ARRRRGH! (Dear Yahoo, if you really hate my virtual photography, just tell me–you don’t have to prep me for a rubber room!)

After several moments of glaring menacingly at the screen, I finally used an alternate email to sign up for a spanking new Flickr account–and felt rather smug about dumping all of my old virtual fashion photos that I could lay hands on into the uploader. Take THAT! (Unfortunately, now they’re not organized but give me the small victory, eh?)

The new photostream is here — as I find more of the old stuff, I’ll add it, plus the new stuff.

A couple of items from the Little Shop of Horrors Hunt 2017

Spent a bit of time putting together pics of a couple of finds from the Little Shop of Horrors hunt that is going on ’til the end of the month.

Applique Chic Little Shop of Horrors dress

Vintage/Retro dress from Applique Chic. (The shoes are from Free Dove.)

Innarra's Little Shop of Horrors find

Dress from Inara’s Fantasy. (Shoes, again, from Free Dove.) My little spooky buddy is Seymore, the Follow-Me Talking Tree, a LSOH gift from Love Everlasting Plant Pets.

The Lovefest Hunt was EPIC

I haven’t even unpacked the goodies but I have to report that the Lovefest 2017 was nothing short of awe-inspiring and a hella lot of fun! (I wish I could come up with stuff like the organizers did!)

Including fresh pics (btw, I “died” at the end–not sure if that’s normal or if I’m just a bad quester).


Ooch. Rough landing! Good thing I’d taken my Dramamine!


It’s an alien world down here.


Pretty purple flower things–and slugs.


No fishies–or fishie-things–I am not food!


I said, I AM NOT FOOD!


The native species seem to be a bit overly friendly.


Did I lose the trail?


This tentacled thing likes to hug–hard!


Took a door, wound up dead in space–at least I didn’t get hit by that big bang there.


Peacefully drifting off into the aether.

Bad Bloggess–Bad, Bad Bloggess!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted!

I finally got back involved in SL a few weeks ago, just in time to see the CDS display for the SL Big Birthday Bash. It was fun because I actually got to participate! They’d asked for pictures of the residents to make life-sized (avatar life-sized, that is) cutouts to make the display look like it was not only inhabited but rockin’ up in those Alpine villages! 😀

I was really honored that they used both of mine–one in a lederhosen minidress, complete with steins and pretzels and one with a full carnivale get-up. I had a blast taking the photos and was proud to have been included.

Oktoberfest shot cropped

Oktoberfest costume for SLB 2017

mardi gras shot_cropped

Carnivale costume for SLB 2017

I haven’t taken the time to do much more inworld photography for a long time. I did just finish two hunts–the Hard Catch hunt  and the Little Shop of Horrors hunt. I was just about to go head-first into the Lovefest hunt (last day is today!) but decided to stop for a few moments and write. (Since I finally remembered my blog password! Am I a bad bloggess or what???)

Muah dahlinks ’til next time (which I hope won’t be too long)!

Neighborhood Improvements

Townhouses in CDS Alpine Meadow

Townhouses in CDS Alpine Meadow

Popped into SL long enough to pay my rent on my gorgeous mountain retreat and noticed that there have been some improvements on my street. The big block of apartments across the street have been replaced by these charming townhouses. One of the great things about SL–neighborhood improvements without the dust, debris, and noise!